Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seventh Place - Eppies Great Race

Bradshaw's Eppies Team

We finished 7th Place in our division - The Tandem Kayak Division.  It is our forth year of doing the race and we have finished as high as 4th Place but either we are getting older (and slower) or the competition is getting tougher.  We prefer to believe the latter.  Richard had his usual fast time in the 6 plus mile run and Justin did equally as well on the 12.5 mile bike portion while Elisa and I were the anchor leg, the grueling almost 7 mile kayak.  It's tough work floating down river to cross the finish line with all the applause and accolades of the crowds to spur us on.  Elisa and I have vowed next year to improve our training regime and actually do more than one practice run down the river before the race.  Watch out for next year because we are on a mission.

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